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Work Assist is a free service supporting employees who are experiencing challenges fulfilling the essential requirements of their job and therefore may be at risk of losing their job, as a result of injury, illness or disability. Work Assist also supports employers to retain their workforce, keeping talented and valued team members at work.

We have recently supported SARU to enhance their workforce, via Work Assist. They were looking for assistance with some of their employees, most of whom have a disability. This particular example is in relation to their employee Julie.

Our atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach Tim worked with SARU and Julie to discuss the process to sign up with Work Assist. Julie has an intellectual disability and works at a local council 2-3 days per week, (closed employment) and one day at SARU.

Julie and Tim worked together across various areas, with the clear goal of helping Julie keep her job, including:

  • Looking at Julie’s behaviours in the workplace, including interactions with other staff members at SARU. They discussed scenarios of different behaviours and the possible affects her behaviours can have on her colleagues
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Time management and prioritisation skills (organising her day – prioritisation of her duties and turning up to work on time)
  • Use of scanners / printers and other office equipment on a daily basis
  • Typing speed and accuracy, via online typing tests/practice – so that Julie can respond to her enquiries in a timely manner
  • Resume update, so that she could apply for a board position, within the disability sector
  • Interviewing skills

As a result of Julie, SARU and atWork Australia working together Julie has now increased her hours at SARU from one day per week to three days per week, at an open employment rate of pay, significantly higher than her role in closed employment.

A fantastic outcome for both Julie and SARU – with the support of atWork Australia and Work Assist. There is nothing more powerful than keeping the right person in the right job, with the right employer. To find out more about our Work Assist program, call 1300 080 856 or click here. 


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