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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia is a market leading provider of integrated printing solutions. They deliver a range of solutions including print and imaging technology, software and services, as well as 3D printing and robotics.

atWork Australia have worked with Konica Minolta for the past two years including providing Disability Awareness Training and supporting with their end-to-end recruitment.

“atWork Australia have been fantastic in assisting us with our end-to-end recruitment processes as well as providing insightful training accessible to all our staff on the importance of diversity and inclusion,” said Sarah from Konica Minolta.

“We are so grateful for all the support and guidance atWork Australia has provided our organisation.”

Subhashree is a Disability Employment Services client of atWork Australia who was placed as a Client Services Officer with Konica Minolta. She has been working for almost a year in sustainable and meaningful employment.

For Subhashree, this is her first role in Australia, and she now feels like part of the community. Konica Minolta is supportive of her caring responsibilities and her barriers, and Subhashree enjoys working in a role where she can utilise her skills and strengths.

“Konica Minolta has been absolutely amazing to partner and work with. They have been supremely supportive of our clients and totally committed to inclusion and diversity as part of their strategy,” said atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Roger.

“atWork Australia has a whole-hearted approach to recruitment, and we look to place the right clients with the right employers so both can thrive.”

Konica Minolta have encouraged their teams to be inclusive of those living with disability, injury, illness or health conditions through Disability Awareness Training. This training, delivered by atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Ambassador, ex Paralympian and a previous client of atWork Australia, Shaun Pianta.

The training is designed to help create awareness in the workplace and provide the tools to facilitate and support a culture of accessibility, diversity and to open pathways for employees to feel safe to ask for what they need to be successful in their roles.

Our partnership with Konica Minolta showcases the impact of our diversity and inclusion consultancy services in creating a more inclusive workplace. Join other companies in finding great talent with atWork Australia’s Government-funded employment services. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.
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