Accessing employment and education

atWork Australia has been helping people with disability or disadvantage find and maintain employment since 2003. It’s our passion.

Who are the services for?

Our NDIS employment services are for Australians with an NDIS plan who are unable or unlikely to be eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES), or who may be unable to find work even with DES assistance.

What are the services?

We want to help you reach your employment goals. It may not be right away, but we can help you get there, however long it takes. Just some of the ways we can help you are to:

  • Work together to identify your skills and interests and brainstorm career options
  • Build your confidence and skills in time management and communication
  • Discuss the logistics of working (for example, travel arrangements)
  • Connect you with training courses or study
  • Build your résumé, even if you’ve never worked before
  • Find you interesting work experience or volunteer work
  • Find you a job that you are ready for and that you want
  • Continue to support you once you start work experience or paid work

Frequently asked questions

Our NDIS employment services are for NDIS participants in the Perth metro area who have funding for Finding and Keeping A Job. The line item number for Finding and Keeping a Job – Accessing Employment and Education is 10_016_0102_5_3

The process we undertake involves meeting with our client to assess ability and vocational interests to create an individualised plan together. In a series of one to one sessions, we’ll explore interests and skills, create or enhance the client’s résumé, explore transferable skills, look for possible work placements, write cover letters, provide interview coaching, and more.

At atWork Australia we have strong connections with community organisations and businesses. Work placements are dependent on the skills and interests of each participant. Our individualised approach ensures the work placement, whether it be paid, volunteer or work experience, is a match for the abilities and interests of the client.

Disability Employment Services (DES) assists clients who have the ability to work independently and for greater than 8 hours per week. As an NDIS client, we will help prepare you to do that if you have the capacity to do so. Some participants will remain within the NDIS program if they are unable to meet the requirements to transition to DES.

“Grace has been amazing, she’s the best employment advisor I’ve ever had.”

David, NDIS participant


Support category nameSupport item nameSupport item numberHourly fee
Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher educationIndividual Employment Support10_016_0102_5_3$61.76Senior Employment Advisor
Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher educationTransition Through School And To Further Education13_030_0102_4_3$61.76Senior Employment Advisor