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PTS Traffic Management was established in 2008. The company’s purpose is to deliver high quality professional traffic management services throughout Far North Queensland. They employ more than 50 people and continue to grow due to the ongoing demand for their services.

PTS Traffic Management reached out to atWork Australia in Smithfield, Cairns. Employer Engagement Consultant, Noel, who worked closely with the company to conduct a selection process for atWork Australia clients.

If clients are successful in securing a role, PTS Traffic Management will provide a 20-hour placement and an opportunity to obtain a traffic license. When this is completed, clients are employed at the company.

PTS Traffic Management is determined to provide opportunities for all clients. This includes clients who are Indigenous, mature-aged or living with a disability, injury or health condition. The company is committed to building a diverse workforce and employ people living with disability.

They value their partnership with atWork Australia, Cairns and are eager to continue with the this effective recruitment effort.

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