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Turn to Workforce Solutions is an organisation in the Labour Hire industry who have been keen to work with Disability Employment Services providers.

Job Coach Sravan emailed the resume of Rohan, to assist him in finding employment. Rohan had a forklift license and was motivated to work in a Forklift role.

Employer Engagement Consultant Nicole contacted employers and Rohan proactively attended each interview however due to Covid19 he was unsuccessful.

Nicole further motivated Rohan and kept in contact with him, assuring him that she will find a Forklift job for him. As Nicole referred Rohan to employment opportunities, she came across Turn to Workforce Solutions and contacted Sunny. Nicole discussed atWork Australia’s services with Sunny and he was happy to work with atWork Australia to recruit new candidates.

Sunny linked Rohan with a prospective employer of his and Rohan commenced work immediately. Rohan has been working at his new workplace for a few weeks and is doing great.

Nicole says: “It was a long journey with Rohan and lots of setbacks from employers, but I am very proud of Rohan with his persistence of finding ongoing employment and his commitment in his current Forklift role.”

Sunny says: “I am pleased to say that Rohan is doing very well in his new role as a Forklift Operator. With the help of Nicole from atWork Australia, we have been able to connect with Rohan and find a suitable role for him which he and we feel will continue to be a great long-term relationship.”

Nicole adds: “I am also very appreciative of the assistance and hard work of Sunny Narula from Turn to Workforce Solutions, he has been a pleasure to work with and is very efficient. Sunny has given his effort and time into contacting atWork Australia clients and has provided multiple vacancies and offered the clients employment. Turn to Workforce Solutions have currently 2 atWork Australia clients employed with their prospective employers and I look forward to continuing an ongoing employer partnership.”

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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