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A group of diverse women. International Women's Day.

Communities thrive together when women are empowered to find meaningful work. They thrive by being a part of a world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive, and where differences are valued and celebrated.

When women are empowered through employment, the effects can be far-reaching and long-lasting. It can lead to improved health, education, and economic outcomes for the entire family and provides personal growth, independence, and opportunity for women.

A women’s presence in the workplace creates a more inclusive environment which leads to increased productivity and collaboration between employees of all genders. A diverse and inclusive workforce is more likely to understand customers’ needs and improves workplace culture resulting in employees who are more effective and efficient.

Here, at atWork Australia we believe that work’s for everyone and we have seen time and again the confidence and self-esteem work provides to women in their personal lives and how their work has wide-reaching benefits to the community. Here are a few examples:

Picture of Laiane and LilianaLaiane teaches kids about diversity and inclusion

When Laiane first came to atWork Australia in July 2021 for ParentsNext services, she had been unemployed for five years, while she was busy raising her two children. Laiane had been working hard to overcome her barriers, which included language, low literacy and numeracy skills, and not having a Driver’s Licence.

Laiane’s goal was to work as an Early Childhood Educator. While completing her placement as part of the course, the host employer was so impressed they offered her a job because of her personality and great work ethic.

Laiane’s Job Coach said, “Laiane has shown great determination to reach her goals of being a Childcare Educator, studied very hard, would come to the office to scan her assignment and I could see the neat and methodical work she did”.

To top off this wonderful story, Laiane is now working where her child goes to kindergarten and is nearby to where she lives.

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Bushra hopes to inspire other Muslim women into entering the workforce

As an Arabic woman, Bushra understood that entering the workforce would clash with her culture. However, she found great comfort and inspiration in knowing that her Job Coach, Sarah, was also from the same cultural upbringing.

Within her initial appointment, Bushra and Sarah broke down these misconceptions of Muslim women in the workforce and created a tailored job plan to get Bushra into meaningful and sustainable employment.

After a successful interview, Bushra was offered a position as a part-time receptionist at a local multicultural centre. Bushra was overjoyed and thanked Sarah for all of her support and guidance.

Bushra enjoyed that she was able to break the misconception of Muslim women in the workforce. She hopes to inspire other Muslim women to follow in her footsteps.

Sarah says “Bushra believes she is able to accomplish anything now. She is independent to complete things in her daily life.”

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Sally uses her unique skills to support others as an Auslan Support Worker

Sally was very excited to get back into the workforce and as a result, has upskilled herself in a large majority of industries to increase her employability. Shukriya suggested work in the social assistance industry, which is one industry she had not considered in the past.

Sally had all the traits, determination, and persistence to be a Support Worker. In addition, she had skills that were very valuable, her ability to speak Auslan. This made her the perfect candidate for an Auslan Support Worker.

After a very successful interview with the employer, Sally was offered the position and was looking forward to helping others also living with hearing impairments. When Job Coach, Shukriya, heard the good news, she was so proud of Sally that she got emotional.

Shukriya describes Sally to be a “great inspiration to me and should be to others. She has never let her medical barriers stop her from working. Sally has taught me how to be a great role model to others”.

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Kerri-ann shares art and culture with the community

Kerri-ann, is a proud Indigenous woman who works at the local Aboriginal Cultural Centre as an Artist and in the café.

In the past Kerri-ann has found maintaining employment difficult due to her ability to access reliable transport and the running costs attached.

Kerri-Ann really enjoyed her role so together with her Job Coach Ashlea they came up with a plan.

Ashlea assisted Kerri-ann with food vouchers to free up some money to assist with repairs and the running costs of her car.

Kerri-ann was very excited that we could assist her with the costs of getting her vehicle back on the road and how quickly it could be done.

Kerri-ann is still currently thriving in her role at the café, and her art is also selling well.

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