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Inclusion policies build business relationships

Organisations today to recognise and entrench diversity and inclusion in core values and across the entire business.

Diversity relates to any aspect of a person that makes them unique, embracing such traits as age, gender, physical and mental abilities, race or sexual orientation.

Inclusion relates to a work setting in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organisation’s success.

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How to illustrate your approach to diversity and inclusion

There are a number of ways businesses can demonstrate their commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. You can develop:

atWork Australia can also help you incorporate diversity and inclusion when tendering for work. Whatever stage you’re at in the implementation of your business’s diversity and inclusion policy, we recommend speaking to one of our employment specialists who can provide more in-depth guidance on how to fully embrace and share your commitment to adopting an inclusive working environment.

Strengthen your diversity and inclusion policy

Do you need support with designing a diverse and inclusive recruitment strategy for a tender? Perhaps you have a diversity policy in place but need guidance on creating an inclusion policy? Maybe you have both but would welcome additional insight to ensure long-term success?

We work with organisations of varying sizes across a range of sectors within Australia to help them embrace a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees. As well as providing award-winning recruitment services that match people to roles with our employer partners, atWork Australia offers expert guidance around several key employment areas including diversity and inclusion, employee support and financial subsidies available for employers.

Our employer success stories highlight some of our work in action.

Get in touch today and together we can discuss your recruitment needs and how we can help you access a broader talent pool and support a more diverse, inclusive workforce.

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