atWork Australia are Disability Employment Services experts in Sydney. 

We know Sydney. We know jobs.

From Hornsby to Wollongong, we work across Sydney. We deliver Disability Employment Services from 57 locations across New South Wales, including 29 in Sydney.

The best people to help you get a great job are locals. People who know Sydney and the types of jobs available, and people who know the employers looking for talented people like you. That’s us.

We truly believe there’s a job out there for everyone.

In just the last couple of months, we have placed talented people into many great workplaces in Sydney including McDonald’s, Coles, Sunshades Eyewear, Albit Computers, Cargo National, Aussiecare Australia, and Tongli Supermarkets. We know that not everyone wants to work for a large company, so we are also adept at working with small business, matching you to great opportunities across many sectors.

We have supported the local Sydney community into hospitality jobs, maintenance jobs, education and childcare jobs, healthcare jobs and into many other industries as well.

The unemployment rate in Sydney is 3.86% and the national unemployment rate is 5.4%. The national unemployment rate for people with disability is 9.4%. We work tirelessly to close this gap – regardless of your disability, injury or illness we can help you get a job in Sydney.

Nationally, employment is projected to increase in 17 of the 19 broad industries over the five years to May 2023. For example, employment in Education and Training is projected to increase by 11.2% across the country, and Construction by 10%.  It’s an exciting time for people with disability around the country – and we will be there with you every step of the way ensuring you get the right job with the right employer.

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Local knowledge and connections

As a Disability Employment Services provider in Sydney, New South Wales, our focus is on supporting you as you gain skills, or make the most of the ones you have, all to secure the right job for you.

That’s why we hire Job Coaches with local knowledge and connections. Just one of our dedicated Sydney-based Job Coaches is Dee in our Bankstown office. Dee has a natural affinity with her local community and thrives on seeing people become the best version of themselves. She enjoys watching people settle into new employment and the flow through effect that has on families and the community.

You can read more about our Job Coaches here.

Choosing the best Disability Services Provider in Sydney for you

If you have an injury, illness or mental health condition and are choosing an employment agency to support you, you might want to read our overview of what to look for in a DES provider.

Just around the corner

With 185+ locations around Australia, atWork Australia is where you need us to be. In Sydney, we look forward to welcoming you to any of our 29 locations.

With convenience in mind, we choose our locations to be close to you and to the services you might use every day. That’s why you’ll find us near public transport, shopping centres or other community and Government services.

Our Disability Employment Services New South Wales locations include:

To choose an office near you in Sydney, you can also use our handy location finder by clicking here, or call 1300 080 856 and our friendly team will help you locate your closest Disability Employment Services location in Sydney.

Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today, and let us help you find the right job with the right employer here in Sydney.